A user received a new generation console that he did not want and his tantrum angered the community

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Christmas, every year, children around the world eagerly await the arrival of their gifts and as usual, many of the young gamers of the world have to wait until these times to have a chance to order a console from video game. However, a boy somewhere in the world was terribly disappointed because his gift was a xbox series s.

This could be seen on social networks, mainly on Tik Tok Y On twitterwhere the conversation became more mobilized regarding this fact. In the video you can see how the boy opens his gift and with a face of visible annoyance, he shot out of the room after seeing the console.

The answers they did not waitamong those who take out their frustration by saying that the child knows that he is a “potato” of consoles, those who wonder if he wanted a Series X or a PS5and those who share videos of other kids also receiving an Xbox Series S with great happiness.

Although there is also the opposite case, in a child he received a playstation 5 and when he saw her he only managed to say: “I wanted a PC, I don’t like this thing”.

But hey, in the era of the exhibition we find these videos in which there are disappointment and happiness in equal measurelike these little ones who received their Xbox.

The unwanted console

In recent months, the Xbox Series S has been the subject of debates among gamers and the game developers themselves. Comments have been many and among them you’ve heard talk about the Series S being a “headache for production”.

And that comment has been one of the kindest. He is accused of being a serious problem for the development of the titles and the sides do not agree. Proponents point out that computers have always had different architectures and configurations.with a wide range of different capabilities, so it is not logical to think that the Series S delays everything by being less powerful than the Series X.

Some of the last games that revealed these problems were Gotham Knights Y ‘Devil May Cry 5’. In the case of the Warner game, it is said that the existence of the Series S meant that the title could not be launched at more than 30 FPS, while in the case of ‘DMC 5’, some functions were omitted for the “lesser” console. from Xbox, such as ray tracing.

Be that as it may, while the wise men arrive and the developers agree on the Xbox Series S, who wants to remember this precious moment? When some brothers were given a “Nintendo Sixty FOOOOOOUR!!”. Those were the good old days, or so I’ve been told.

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