A person with influence in WWE would have said ‘no’ to the return of CM Punk

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the figure of CM Punk It is still on the lips of many people and there is still nothing clear about his future in All Elite Wrestling. The last thing that was known about this matter is that Tony Khan allegedly wants the former world champion to sign a non-compete clause, supposedly so as not to sign with another company like WWE in case of termination of your contract.

That is why many have talked about the possibility of CM Punk’s return to WWE in recent hours, even speculating on the options he has now that Triple H is in charge of the company and not Vince McMahon, a person who, according to several sources, was opposed to the return of the fighter.

Wade Kellerjournalist from PW Torch, has spoken of this matter after contacting people close to the WWE leadership. According to Keller, a person in command, very close to Triple H, would have been adamantly opposed to the return of CM Punk due to his history with behind-the-scenes problems.

“A good number of people I’ve talked to, who have become familiar with Punk over the years, they had predicted when he signed with AEW that his stage there would not go well and would not lastciting his personality, and his general history of discontent,” Wade Keller commented on his podcast.

“As I discussed this fall, Paul Levesque is more likely to bring Punk back than Vince McMahon. That does not mean that Paul Levesque is a fan of CM Punk. But Paul Levesque is in a different position than Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon never believed in CM Punk. And therefore in the way that he pushed Punk he never really got behind him. Paul Levesque, while he thinks Punk’s personality might be more trouble than it’s worth, has shown that he can handle it.”

Someone who is currently in WWE, and who is within Paul Levesque’s decision-making sphere of influence, answered a resounding ‘No’ when asked.. A resounding ‘No’ when it comes to backing CM Punk’s return, even if it helps business. I’m not going to go into what exactly was said. But when I asked, I got a lot of negative feedback about how they feel about Punk now, compared to 8, 9, 10 years ago, based on what’s happened in AEW in the last 13 months.”

“And by the way, related to this, I spoke to three high-profile people in AEW in the last couple of days…I asked what an AEW locker room vote would look like if they were asked if they wanted Punk back. One person said that wouldn’t do very well for him. Another person said he doesn’t think he would get a single vote. And another person says he doesn’t think he would get a lot of votes… I think he would get some personally just based on the conversations I’ve had the last few six weeks with other people.

“The three people that I’ve talked to in the last few days are high-level, influential people in that locker room. So that tells you something about where they stand and why I think if Punk came back he wouldn’t necessarily do well in any of them.” both sites. And I think that’s going to fall into Tony Khan’s calculus right now. And it could fall into Paul Levesque’s calculus. I still think Levesque would be more likely to bring him in than Vince McMahon for the reasons I’ve said, but I think that there would be some pushback from people in Levesque’s sphere of influence“.

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