A new telematic service will provide psychological support to medical students

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“From their beginnings as students to their end as a career: we watch over and promote the physical and mental health of the doctor”, he commented Alexander Andrewpresident of the Mutual Medical Foundation, during the presentation of Telematic Psychological Support Service for Medical Students (SAPEM)which aims to provide psycho-emotional care to medical students who present discomfort and mental suffering. The launch of the project has been in the cgcom and has also had the presence of its president, Tomas Cobo, Maria Valderramapresident of the State Council of Medical Students and Nina Mielgotechnical director of Galatea Foundation.

The foundation for Social Protection of the Collegiate Medical Organization (FPSOMC)the State Council of Medical Students (CEEM) and the Mutual Médica Foundation have signed a collaboration agreement for the implementation of this project under the motto #EmezcaporTi: “Self-care, the pending subject of your training”.

“We need a good support system for students who get stressed”

Maria Valderramapresident of the State Council of Medical Students

“Mental health in our student body it’s a real problem. It is worrying that after carrying out intensive surveys, 11% of medical students present pictures of self-harm or suicide, in addition to 41% who presented some depressive symptom”, he commented. Maria Valderramawho has shown concern with the situation: “We need a good support system for students who get stressed, and in most universities there is either none or there are many shortcomings.”

“These types of problems are multifactorial, but the workload of our profession and the excess of responsibility have a great influence”

Thomas Cobopresident of Cgcom

From now on, students who wish to can write to the number of WhatsApp authorized by the FPSOMC, the 669 438 903. After receiving a form (with minimal identification data) in the form of a response, the student will be contacted by a reception unit made up of mental health professionals.

In this way, it seeks to psychologically help those who need it or are going through a moment of great stress. In more serious cases, such as those involving suicidal behavior, other experts will be referred.

“These kinds of problems are multifactorialbut the Workload of our profession and excess of responsibility they influence a lot. In addition to great competitiveness, due to the high marks required in the baccalaureate and also in the degree and in the MIR”, explained Cobo, who has promised to carry out all possible studies to address the study of this matter: “It is important that we advance in this and that young doctors, in their early years, come to this new tool whenever they need it.”

This initiative is of great value to students and is also part of our Cuidar(me) programme, which ensures the overall health of medical professionals”, Andreu pointed out.

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