a discreet but necessary renovation of the entry-level smartwatch

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We did not expect it today, but Apple has just presented us with the renewal of the Apple Watch SEa device that maintains the same philosophy as the previous model, being the entry smart watch to the new range of Apple Watch and being practically the same model as the previous generation.

In this post we will tell you what is new about this new model, which It will go on sale on September 16 with a price starting at $249.

A renewal that does not go beyond new colors

As we have mentioned, the new Apple Watch SE is practically the same product that we knew until now, although it is true that Apple has added some color finishes such as blue, silver and black finish which are quite similar to those found in the new Apple Watch Series 8.

For the rest, at the design level we continue to maintain the iconic rotary button within the Apple Watch, completely interchangeable straps and a panel that maintains the same specifications that we knew in its previous generationwhich is 30% larger than the Apple Watch Series 3.

Of course, this new device will have the fall detection that we know of his older brothers, we have integrated the same chip found in the Apple Watch Watch Series 8 for more power and resistance up to 50 meters.

Price and availability of the new Apple Watch SE

Watch It Apple

The new Apple Watch SE will be available from September 16 with a price that It starts from 299 euros for its GPS variant and 349 euros for the model with cellular connectivity.