A credit can help you solve a problem: Condusef

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A credit can help you solve a problem: Condusef
Remember to pay within the established deadlines. Photo: Shutterstock

If you are looking for alternatives to get money faster, maybe a credit could be the best option; therefore, we will tell you about some of the advantages of obtaining one, so that you lose your fear, with data from Condusef (National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services).

Without fear of credit!

To start losing your fear of credit, what you should know is that there are different types, and each one can help you solve the problem you have, that is, “it is used to buy what you want and you can pay it in short, medium or long, without the need for you to have to pay everything in cash at that time”, explained the Condusef in its magazine protect your money.

types of credit

It will depend on what we want to solve with a creditthat is why there are several alternatives, such as:

  • Consumer: this type of credit is used to buy goods and services; for example, you can buy clothes, electronic devices, to mention a few
  • Mortgage: this type of option is very common, because you can acquire or remodel a house or apartment
  • Automotive: it is to be able to buy a new or used car
  • ABCD: this is for the purchase of basic durable consumer goods, such as refrigerators, stoves or rooms
  • Business: It is for those who want to start or expand a business. Banks have options for entrepreneurs

One of the tips for any credit is payable is your ability to pay; In addition to requesting a sum that is within your possibilities to settle, remember to pay your installments within the agreed terms.

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  • It is important that if you get a creditpay within the agreed terms, because instead of being a help, it could become a nightmare.

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