A BLACKPINK member is prohibited from drinking alcohol because she is UNCONTROLLED

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One of the members of the Korean group of K-Pop, BLACKPINK, have forbidden to drink alcohol because it really does weird things.

Among the four singers, one of them has been prohibited from having contact with alcohol since, by consuming it, gets out of controlAnd yes they are right.

The group BLACKPINK held their usual online meeting with their fans, and they decided to title the meeting “Season’s Greetings”. The purpose of the meeting is that the artists can spend some time with their BLINKS, which is the name of their fans, and share information of interest.

In the middle of the session, a BLINK I ask the members about how each member of the team BLACKPINK Christmas passed normally, to which everyone responded to the question, and within their responses, Jisoo announced that he had been watching HARRY POTTER in the middle of Christmas, which was a special moment for her.

Instantly, another of the fans asked the question asking if they normally celebrated with food and wine, and among the answers one of these caused a stir since it was the scoop on why singer Jisoo couldn’t even see alcoholic beverages.

He proceeded to respond by saying that if she thought of drinking alcohol, after 2 seconds it would look like this:

BLACKPINK member is prohibited from drinking alcohol because she is UNCONTROLLED

And he even stated: “When the members are in the mood, they drink at least one drink, but they tell me not to since I quickly fall asleep.”if you like, here is the video of your statement.

This is why it will be very rare to see the singer with some kind of alcoholic beverage in her hands.

Do you think it’s a weird habit or does it happen to you too?

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