A+ as a medical category in the Framework Statute

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Rosa Cuadrado (CCOO), Fernando Hontangas (CSIF) and Tomás Toranzo (CESM).

The call of the main groups of doctors to form a new professional category baptized as plus will be raised in the negotiation of the Framework Statute. The unions present at the table have placed this claim as one of the pieces of the gear of their new classification model in the National Health System (SNS), which would be fundamentally based on the number of ECTS credits required to pass each degree. The formula would thus ensure the recognition of Nursing after its historical request to join the A1 group, but at the same time keep one step above the doctors.

The possibility of relocating the two professions on the civil service scale occurs after the social agents have already reached an agreement within the Framework Agreement of the Civil Service to reformulate the position of employees who have completed a medium or higher degree, such as radiodiagnosis technicians, under the labels of C1 and B. A change that has unleashed the movement of the “tectonic plates” in the administration.

Comisions Obreras is one of the unions that since 2019 has defended adapting the professional categories of health workers to the ECTS credits of their degrees to adapt to the European framework after the reform of the Bologna Plan. “There is agreement that doctors should have a higher classification. We also call it A plus. It is the category that requires the most training credits”, he explained to Medical Writing Square Rose, responsible Public Union Action of the Health Federation of CCOO.

The union spokesperson has pointed out that this new reform will also have an impact on the salaries of toilets, although she has warned that different variables influence this calculation, such as the professional level within each group. “With a new classification it is evident that the remuneration system will have to be reviewed or revised”, he emphasized.

The union has taken a similar position CSIF. The center is also committed to simultaneously applying a change in the categories of all health profiles, passing through doctors, nurses or technicians, with the aim of adapting it to European educational scales. “We are in favor of a reclassification subject to the criteria of the Bologna Plan”, added the president of the health sector, Fernando Hontagas.

The union has endorsed the need to create a system that recognizes the “responsibility” of each group, although he has warned that it is a “very fine line”, since professionals such as nurses who work in the Intensive Care Units (ICU) of hospitals have a very important weight in health care.

This claim is in line with what has already been stated by the State Confederation of Medical Unions (CESM) that sees the need to find a “solution” that satisfies both physicians and nurses. The body is also committed to placing the sector at the top of the pyramid, since the degree of Medicine has a total of 360 ECTS credits, compared to 240 for other degrees such as Nursing.

The WTO validates the new A Plus

The formula of using credits as the main scale also has the approval of the Collegiate Medical Organization (OMC) that sees a change of category for its group as necessary if Nursing finally manages to leave the A2 level in which it is currently immersed. “We cannot be in the same box as other professions that have fewer training credits and less time to develop the skills and knowledge acquired”, its president, Thomas Cob.

The leader of the collegiate body has insisted that this differentiation between categories is necessary to guarantee the “patient safety”but has tried to move away from this claim of a “pulse” between professions. “It should not be seen as any class privilegebut as a responsibility that we have for the map of knowledge and skills that we have to learn”, he underlined.

The WTO has also requested that the health training process required by doctors with your residence and that can extend your preparation period before accessing a position up to 11 year from the start of the course. Something that is not mandatory to practice in other health professions such as Nursing or Psychology.

Cobo has also declared himself in favor of the change in category results in an increase in salary for all physicians, with the aim of reducing the economic gap that separates them from other neighboring countries. “It is missing because the salaries of doctors in Spain are frankly lower than those of doctors in Europe”has apostilled.

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