9 thousand pesos blender surprises in Fin Irresistible

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  • Within the study “El Buen Fin 2022 Purchase Expectations Report” the purchase intention of the Mexican consumer is noted.

  • The Mexican Association of Online Sales reported that sales in electronic commerce achieved during El Buen Fin 2021 reached 191 billion pesos.

  • Walmart anticipated the Good End with the Irresistible End, in a strategy that has attracted attention due to the resources it implemented in the market.

The Irresistible End began in Walmartto anticipate the Good End and the singular strategy already surprised consumers with a bad labeling, because a simple blender Oster 2 in 1 System raised in 8 thousand pesosin the middle of the “low price” season.

Cases of mislabeling have become a pattern to be followed by consumers, who seek to discover opportunities or report cases that reveal the risk to consumer spending.

as we see with Walmartthe brand implemented its own sales season based on El Buen Fin, a promotional season that takes advantage of the seasonality of the last quarter of 2022 to activate promotions in the market.

In the study “Buy End 2022 Purchase Expectations Report” He realizes that the electronic commerce categories with the highest purchase intention are electronics, with 59 percent; household products, 40 percent; fashion, 38 percent; furniture and decoration, 36 percent and mobile phones 32 percent.

a mislabeled

A blender that in the online store of Walmart It appears at a cost of 1,349 pesos, it is offered at 9,349 pesos in a physical store in Walmartwhere he has even appeared with the legend irresistible endto make the consumer understand that it is a promotion for the special dates from November 11 to 23.

The unique strategy became an antecedent of how important it is to take care of product labeling in the shopping aisle, since the ability of a product to attract attention depends on it.

Faced with these references, a crucial element in the market is exposed and it is what allows us to understand what becomes total and what does not. marketing.

One way to understand the audacity in this market is to start from cases such as the one denounced by Jessica GM in Twitterwhere he reports the mislabeling of an appliance, about which even other users have joked, assuring that for the price, the blender surely includes food.

As in this case of mislabeling, there have been successes on the other hand, such as a MacBook Air M1 with a price that went from 25 thousand 999 pesos to a price of 16 thousand 799 pesos, taking advantage of both the discount that the store imposed on the device and a special discount for payment with plastic bank of BBVAwhich activated a special promotion for certain products.

Like this case of mislabeling, we have seen very interesting incidents that remind us of the importance of the correct implementation of promotions, as we saw with the offer of Walmart both with the correct labeling or attractive promotion.

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