8 restaurants in CDMX to eat the day you are sad (they will make you happy)

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We made a list of the cozy restaurants in the city, for those low days when we want to pamper ourselves.

For those down days, we recommend these comfort food restaurants that make you happy a lot, since in addition to being delicious, they have a super cozy vibe and excellent service. If you are one of those who are looking for a complete culinary experience that makes you forget about everything and simply enjoy, these restaurants will give you unforgettable moments, in addition to having dishes on their menus comfort foodideal to share and enjoy.

Enjoy and share!

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It is the famous restaurant that invented the Pizza of avocado, and one of the most comforting places from the city. Here you will find dishes made with local produce; its honest cuisine full of simplicity will allow you to enjoy the ingredient. Be sure to try their sea bass tiradito with ponzu sauce, their wood-fired chicken with olives Kalamata and his cheesecake of butter and lemon.

ADDRESS: Colima 256, Roma Norte, CDMX
PHONE: 55 5511 6767
WEBSITE: @husetroma
Photo: Huset
Photo: Huset


This terrace in Rome has the most comforting thai food from the city. With dishes designed to share, Hut seeks to be the most cool from the area and has achieved it thanks to its irreverent cuisine, which changes according to the product found on the market. In this super relaxed and casual space you will find live music and DJ’s local, on weekends.

ADDRESS: Monterrey 194, Roma Norte, CDMX
WEBSITE: @choza_cdmx
Photo: Hut
Photo: @choza_cdmx


East restaurant It has the most comforting food in Rome, it is a space dedicated to traditional Thai cuisine. In its menu you will find a wide variety of curries, a dish full of flavor that, thanks to its spices and accompaniments, is one of the most recommended. to give energy and forget your down days. We also recommend trying their sticky rice stuffed wings and Thai clay pot sautéed shrimp with clear noodles.

ADDRESS: Monterrey Street 204 Colonia Roma Norte
PHONE: 55 5941 5385
WEBSITE: galangathai.mx
Photo: Galanga
Photo: Galanga


There is nothing better than a good pasta for those days you feel sad and without encouragement and better if it’s from Sartoria. This super comforting restaurant is undoubtedly one of the best Italian corners in the city. Its handmade pastas and its careful wine list will surprise you. Don’t forget to try the cannelloni of ricotta ranch with pomodoro old-fashioned, pasta with fresh truffle and panzanella with tomato Heirloom.

ADDRESS: Orizaba 39, Roma Norte, CDMX
PHONE: 55 7265 3616
WEBSITE: sartoria.mx
Photo: Sartoria
Photo: Sartoria

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This restaurant located in front of the Rio de Janeiro SquareIt’s one of the friendliest restaurants in town. Its menu is inspired by the cuisine of the northwest: many vegetables and preparations in firewood and on the grill, in addition to sustainable fishing. In this place the cuddle it comes from the kitchen, since you will be able to sit near it to see the preparations of the chefs, before they arrive at your table; ‘you will feel like a guest in his house’.

ADDRESS: Plaza Rio de Janeiro 53, Roma Norte, CDMX
WEBSITE: marmota.mx
Photo: Groundhog
Photo: @marmota_mx


Another of the coziest restaurants what we have in the city is hall of smoke. This place of Oaxacan cuisine is created to pamper you and to make you feel at Grandmother’s house. Its chocolate tamale, the yolk bread, the chilaquiles with jerky and the super sparkling water chocolate, are the morning must-sees. If you go in the afternoon, the smoky aroma of the grills will whet your appetite so you can taste some tlayudagrilled meat with ranch cheese or one of their succulent moles.

ADDRESS: Av. Nuevo León 107, Hipodromo Condesa
PHONE: 55 5211 7263
WEBSITE: @hallofhumo
Photo: Hall of Smoke
Photo: Hall of Smoke


This dimly lit space with sober decoration will surprise you with its incredible menu of comfort foodwhich is perfect for cuddle you on those down days. On its menu there are unmissable dishes such as fried sardines with Aioli, the fish wings and the dates stuffed with chorizo, our favorites! Of main dishes the broth rice of seafood and the feast porcine accompanied by smoked apples will make you feel at Christmas dinner..

ADDRESS: Calle Gral. Prim 34, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc
PHONE: 55 1945 7664
WEBSITE: taverna.mx
Photo: Taverna Prim
Photo: Taverna Prim


Located in a mansion in Historic Center of Mexico CityEast restaurant super cozy It is one of the most popular, thanks to its beautiful interior design, but above all to its dishes that are surprising for their complexity and flavour. In your letter you will find a tasting menu ‘perfect to know your proposal’, although if you prefer you can choose à la carte. Among its must-sees is cured tuna ham and octopus with chileatole.

ADDRESS: Allende 3, Historic Center
PHONE: 55 5521 5576
WEBSITE: limosneros.com.mx
Photo: Almoners
Photo: Almoners

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