7 Memphis police officers fired for the death of Tire Nichols- Uno TV

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There are 7 police officers removed from office for their involvement in the death of Tire Nichols
7 police officers removed from office for the death of African-American Tire Nichols. Photo: AFP

Three firefighters and two new police officers will be investigated by fatal beating of African-American Tire Nicholsby which five agents of color have already been removed from office and charged with murderMemphis firefighters reported.

The city authorities Investigate the death of Tire Nichols29 years old, after being stopped at a traffic control last January 7th.

7 Memphis police officers fired in the death of Tire Nichols

During Monday afternoon, it was reported that a seventh Memphis police officer was suspendedauthorities said.

The agent Preston Hemphillas well as the other five accused of murder, was removed from office “As the investigation into the death of Tire Nichols begins,” he said Kim Elder, Memphis police spokesman.

hemphill, who joined the police in 2018, is suspended “pending the result of the ongoing investigation.” Later, in a new statement posted on Twitter, the police announced the suspension of a seventh officerwithout identifying it.

Memphis continues to investigate the death of Tire Nichols

The memphis fire department also announced in a statement that fired two paramedics and a lieutenant.

“Our investigation concluded that the two paramedics responded based on the initial nature of the call (a person being pepper-sprayed) and on the information they received at the scene, and that they failed to conduct a proper examination of Tire Nichols,” said the Memphis fire marshal, gina sweat.

The three laid off individuals are accused of violating “numerous rules and protocols” from the Memphis Fire Department, added Gina Sweat.

Tire Nichols was beaten to death by Memphis Police

Videos of the incident show how the five agents, all of them colored, kicking and punching Tire Nichols, who cries out and screams for his mother. Tyre Nichols he died three days later in the hospital and will be buried on wednesday in Memphis.

Last week the five former agents were accused of murder on the second grade for the beating Memphis Police on Saturday disbanded the special unitnamed scorpionsto which the agents involved belonged.

The unit was created in 2021 to combat high crime areas in the south of the city. It’s a statement, memphis police reported that unit was left permanently disabled.

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