5G technology is the door to the future of medicine in Mexico

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the technology of 5G It is the door to the future of medicine in Mexico, where the combination of the use of the Internet and information technologies generate an impact on daily activities. With what today it is possible to perform remote surgeries. For this reason, the advancement of 5G networks and IoT devices represent a new future for medicine in the national territory.

With this, 5G technology has ushered in the era of digital health. This refers to the large number of uses of information technologies to collect data on people’s health and enhance the scope of medical services.

Digital health includes, among others, the use of portable devices, mobile health applications, sensors to collect information and electronic records. Likewise, artificial intelligence and robots that allow professionals to better understand the health status of their patients and improve their quality of life throughout Mexico.

Thus, with the use of wireless technology, a doctor can operate on a patient hundreds of kilometers away. This may be possible after the use of 5G networks, which have a latency very close to zero.

Therefore, surgeons will be able to trust the instructions they give to IoT devices, as they will be executed in the same way as if they were present in the operating room.

Thus, At the beginning of January 2023, the first remote cardiac surgery in the country was performed in Mexico through the use of 5G technology. and IoT devices. Thus, an example of how said 5G technology has become the future of medicine.

Regarding the above, the intervention was carried out by five surgeons who worked remotely in coordination with a specialist. The operation lasted 5 hours and was carried out thanks to a specific remote team for cardiac surgery, working in a specialized 5G technology environment.

Improved connectivity

Therefore, the improvement in connectivity provided by the use of the 5G network goes beyond highly complex surgical interventions. In addition, it opens up a wide range of possibilities for access to telemedicine.

“Wireless technology such as the 5G network brings with it advantages that promise to be the future of medicine in Mexico. Wireless technology is essential to collect triage data, communicate ambulances and health centers. Likewise, giving remote consultations, or setting up entire hospitals in cases of emergency,” Carlos Perea, vice president for Latin America at Cradlepoint, told NotiPress.

This increase in the use of G5 medical technology and the adoption of a better wireless communication infrastructure will be enhanced when Mexican doctors and patients have greater connectivity.

The use of wireless technology is the future of medicine in Mexico because it makes the health system more efficient and reduces the saturation of health services.

Source: NotiPress

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