5 Weird Ways to Keep Your Car Clean

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Cleaning the car helps you always have your vehicle with excellent presentationit also keeps it protected from contaminants that can damage its appearance.

Currently there are many products, tools and ways to clean your vehicle with excellent results. In any parts store you can find these specialized products for the care of your car, however, There are also other ways to clean your vehicle and leave it spotless.

Although many of the home forms are with other non-specialized products and seem raredoes not mean that they do not work, many are effective and some others are useless.

That’s why, here we tell you five very strange, but effective ways to keep your car clean.

1.- Organize your things with sticky sheets

Keeping your phone and keys in the cup holder is risky because a sudden break will leave them all scattered on the floor. The glove box could be an option, but you may not hear when someone is calling you.

Adhesive sheets are the right solution to keep all your devices organized on the board. You can also use them to mount the GPS on the windshield.

2.- Absorb moisture with cat litter.

If the windows fog up due to excess moisture inside the car, a few sacks of cat litter can solve the problem. Choose the antibacterial because it is super absorbent and does not leave a cat smell.

Take a sock and fill it with the sand, tie it in a knot so they don’t come off and place it on the board or under the seat. It will remove any moisture and remove odor, it will also clean the windows and prevent further fogging.

3.- Keep the aroma inside fresh with herbs.

Something cheap and organic is to use herbal tea or basil leaves to freshen up your car. Wrap a tea bag of your favorite flavor in mesh cloth and hang it from your rearview mirror. You can also banish the bad smell by wrapping basil leaves in a piece of paper and keeping them under the seats.

4.- Clean the windshield with Coca-Cola

A dirty windshield is not good news. You can get rid of the dirt by pouring Coca-Cola everywhere. The acidic ingredient in that soda will remove the dirt. However, do not forget to wash it thoroughly with clean water later.

5.- Bring back the shine with hair conditioner

Usually you need to wax the car to make it shine like new. But, a hair conditioner that contains lanolin will also do the same job. You just have to wash the vehicle with this conditioner mixed with water.


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