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Over the last few days, a phenomenon has become common in the world: the volcano eruption. On Unotv.comwe make a count of the colossi that have entered into activity and are in the eruption phase, since Guatemala until Finland.

In the world, there are 1,356 active volcanoesmost located in the Pacific Ring of FireBut currently those that have erupted and have begun to expel lava They’re in Chile, Indonesia, Hawaii, Italy and Guatemala. Which are?

What volcanoes have woken up in the world and have erupted?

1. Fuego Volcano, Guatemala

The Fire volcanolocated about 35 kilometers from the capital of Guatemala and with a height of 3 thousand 763 meters, spewed lava and ash this weekendwhich led to the temporary closure of the main airport of this South American country and the RN-14 highway.

This colossus increased its activity, after raising a incandescent column 400 meters above the summit and ash that spread 30 kilometers to the west and northwest of Guatemala. Local authorities are vigilant in carrying out preventive evacuations if necessary.

2. Mauna Loa, Hawaii

The Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii It has shot lava fountains up to 60 meters high and has generated rivers of molten rock for several days. This is the world’s largest active volcano and it erupted for the first time in almost 40 years.

Because of the danger it represents, hawaii authorities national guards were mobilized because the mauna loa It was approaching a major highway. For now, they do not pose a threat to those who live near the eruption zonebut the activity of the volcano is very volatile.

3. Mount SemeruIndonesian

On the Indonesian island of Javaentered the eruption phase on volcano of Mount Semeruwhere there was a need to carry out evictions in the town of curah kobokangiven the risk that exists due to the cloud of hot ash in the atmosphere and the passage of lava.

The authorities in Indonesia declared a state of emergency for two weeks in the surroundings of volcanothey installed shelters and distributed face masks due to the health damage caused to the evacuees by the ash suspended in the air.

4. Villarica, Chile

A set of earthquakes and unusual activity of the Villarrica volcanoconsidered the most risky of Chilialerted the authorities, who had to make emergency plans for a possible eruption in a busy tourist area in the south of the country.

Since October, the Villarrica volcanoof 2 thousand 847 meters of altitude and located between the regions of the araucania and of The riversrecords anomalous activity, including explosions and columns of fire up to 220 meters high coming out of the crater.

5. Stromboli, Italy

Through the rivers of lava volcano on the island of Stromboli in Sicily, Italywhich erupted on October 10, the local authorities decreed a Orange alert. The population was recommended not to leave the house, not to stand next to windows and to stay away from the coast if they were sailing in boats, since the fire reached the sea.

In the neighboring island of Ginostrarecommended the use of face masks given the possibility that the wind would carry ashes from the volcano. The eruption of the volcano started on the northwest side and caused a partial collapse of the crater terrace and light earthquakes.

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