5 minutes of glory; “journalist” loin steals live broadcast

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  • Within the national territory, it is estimated that the average salary of a reporter is around 84 thousand pesos per year.

  • According to the INEGI, in Mexico there is a labor force of more than 44 thousand 364 journalists.

  • The hilarious moment of a loin went viral thanks to the few more than 5 billion active Internet users worldwide.

In the last few hours, a short video has gone viral showing how the best friend of the name can also report. And it is that during a live broadcast, a “journalist” loin, got his five minutes of glory by stealing a correspondent’s microphone.

Within journalism, the reporter plays a fundamental role, since he is the one who collects, verifies and deeply analyzes information of interest to later write and produce news with the perspective of the reader in mind, in order to inform the population. In Mexico, these information professionals earn an average salary of just over 84,000 pesos a year (7,000 monthly)according to what is indicated by the salary range of Talent.comwho emphasizes that, for the most part, beginner repertoires can earn around 66 thousand pesos a year, while the most exported exceed 120 thousand pesos.

However, the reporter’s work is full of moments and unique experiences, since he is in constant contact with people, the streets and their surroundings, so experiences full of emotions are a day-to-day factor, so only in Mexico according to what is indicated by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), just over 44 thousand 364 journalists are registered, which are susceptible to unique experiences such as what happened in Moscow to a reporter during a live broadcast.

His 5 minutes of glory; “journalist” loin steals live broadcast

Social networks have made it possible to significantly reduce the thin line that separates Persians in the world, allowing all kinds of content to be made in a matter of seconds, this thanks, in large part, to the little more than 5 billion people around the world who have access to the internet, according to what was pointed out by “Digital 2022 April Global Statshot”.

Such is the case of a TikTokin which it is shown how a little “journalist” got his five minutes of fame in front of a Russian network audience, by jumping in front of the camera and stealing the microphone from the bewildered journalist who had no choice but to try to chase the puppy while it was recorded on camera.

@the_worst_player #mischiefdogs #humorwithculture #internetlove #joke #risaviral #tvfake #bloopers #fyp2022 ♬ original sound – The_worst_player

Given what happened, both the bewildered reporter and the forum journalist waited for the little dog to drop the microphone to continue with the coverage; however, this is not the only time journalists have suffered a hilarious moment livesince in 2020 the reporter Gabriel Flores Archundia was victim of a gust of wind that brought down a tree on his car and it was during a live broadcast that he noticed the comical moment.

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