5 car technologies that are not of much use

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Technology in cars has evolved impressively and today’s vehicles have features that a few years ago we would not have imagined we would see.

Most of the technologies that cars have It helps drivers to travel more comfortably, with greater safety and much more driver assistance. However, there are also some features that are not as useful as others.

That’s why, here we tell you five car technologies that are not of much use.

1.- Shift paddles

The sole purpose of the paddle shifters is to give automatic transmission drivers the feel of a manual transmission. Combine this uselessness with the fact that most cars with paddle shifters also have CVTs, and you see the problem.

CVTs don’t even have real speeds and try to trick you with fake gear changes. Most drivers hardly ever use paddle shifters, but they pay more to have them.

2.- Suicide doors

Suicide doors are a set of doors that are hinged opposite each other. This means that the front door opens in the traditional way and the rear door is hinged at the rear and opens in that direction. Unless the vehicle’s B-pillar is removed, these doors are useless.

3.- Windscreen wipers on the headlights

Windshield wipers on headlights were some of the most useless car features ever made

Windshield wipers are only effective for any vehicle when it is driven off-road and the headlights get muddy. That’s when these wiper blades can clear the mud and give you the light you need. Otherwise, those fancy cars with wipers on their headlights just cost more money for something you don’t need.

4.- The Car Phones

These phones were sensationalized in movies of the decade and some wealthy business owners had them, but who were they calling?

So few people had these car phones that they became a symbol of opulence and not of actual utility in cars.

5.- Soft closing doors

Some luxury cars come with soft-closing doors, which is easily one of the most useless car features you’ll find. These doors have a vacuum seal that eventually breaks and ends the soft-closing part of the function. The original idea was to save the paint on the doors, but this feature does nothing to protect the paint. Don’t slam your doors; problem solved.


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