4 reasons your car wipers won’t return to the off position

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Windshield wipers are one of the components that we forget to check the most. or change when referring to vehicle maintenance, however these are important, they play an essential role in our car and help us maintain good visibility when driving under difficult weather conditions.

Normally, the windshield wipers are not used during the summer and when the winter comes, many times they no longer work correctly. Also, these can fail while in use.

that the wipers do not return to home position when they turn off it is a common fault and the reasons can be various.

That’s why, Here are four of the most common reasons your car wipers won’t return to the off position.

1.- Obstruction inside the wiper blade

In certain cases, one or both of a vehicle’s wiper arms can become stuck throughout their standard wipe. This most commonly occurs when a windshield becomes covered with ice, snow, or sleet.

Problems of this type are fixed by clearing the windshield of obstruction. This typically involves scraping ice off a vehicle’s windshield to free the stuck wiper arm.

2.- Wiper motor weak

Like any motor, a vehicle’s windshield wiper motor can start to wear out over time. When this occurs, a motor is often weakened to the point that it stops running when it meets minimal resistance.

Under such circumstances, the windshield wipers often drag or operate slowly. In severe cases, this can even occur in conjunction with a wet windshield, often preventing a vehicle’s wipers from completing their full cycle.

3.- Windshield wiper transmission damaged or stuck

A vehicle’s wiper drive transmits the rotational output of the accompanying motor to the corresponding wiper arms of the unit, through a series of connections. This, in turn, causes both wiper arms on a vehicle to move as intended, while also synchronizing the movements of both wiper arms with each other.

However, this linkage can wear out and get stuck over time, causing the wiper transmission to get stuck in one position.

4. Improperly Installed Wiper Arms

If you recently replaced your vehicle’s wiper motor or transmission, only to find that your wipers no longer return to park, then wiper misalignment could be the cause.

It is entirely possible to reinstall the wiper arms at the wrong angle when completing such repairs.


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