3 Reasons Your Air Bag Dash Light Is On

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The lights on the dashboard of the car are warning lights, they turn on when something in one of the vehicle’s systems is not working well and they turn on for you to take action on the matter.

Within the warning lights, there are also one of the air bagswhich are part of a vehicle’s supplemental restraint system (SRS). When the air bag light on your vehicle starts flashingyou must find the cause and avoid being left unprotected.

That’s why, Here are three of the most common reasons why the air bag dashboard light comes on.

1.- ClockSpring needs replacement

The primary function of the airbag spring is to maintain consistency between the driver’s seat airbag and the electrical wiring by weaving in and out of the steering wheel.

The thin bands in the circuit can wear or break and can cause the driver’s seat air bag to report a software code error to the air bag control module that will cause the air bag light to start flashing. to blink. The reason for the wear of the circuit bands is due to normal use.

2.- Malfunction of the sensor

The supplemental restraint system in modern vehicles consists of a variety of components including various sensors that connect to the car’s main computer (ECM or PCM).

When one or more of these sensors has a malfunction of any kind, the car’s computer will recognize it and, in turn, turn on the airbag warning light.

3.- Recent accident

This is often the case when buying a used car privately or at a car auction.

If the car was previously involved in an accident and the airbags were activated, there is a chance that it was not repaired correctly, since many components of the SRS are used only once. It could be a clock spring, a crash sensor, a seat belt tensioner, or another component.

Even if all components have been replaced, the car’s ECM must be reprogrammed to essentially reset the airbag system. If this reset has not occurred, the air bag light will continue to flash until it is done.


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