2 photos of Jin showing why he is the most lovable and handsome idol

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The oldest member of bts has repeatedly shown that he is the most beautiful and lovable idol in the group, which is why he is called the “Worldwide Handsome”

Jin is widely known among the fandom ARMY under the nickname ‘Worldwide Handsome’ which translates as “handsome around the world”. Why?

The artist South Korean He has taken his recognition very humbly, but also with humor, as he showed in an interview with ‘Vogue Korea’, where he expressed and emphasized that he cannot be considered the only beautiful person in the world:

“Honestly, there are many people who are more beautiful than me. ‘Worldwide Handsome’ is a joke I make for laughs. It is also true that there are many people who sing and dance better than me. But because other people see me better than I really am, I work hard to try and live up to how they see me,” she said.

Jin has a special side because each of his favorite activities turns into a work of art, just like his song about his passion for fishing.

In addition to his photos, the fandom can appreciate the adorable and beautiful side of the singer just by seeing his smile when he performs his favorite activities. And through these two Photographs, It is something that can be verified.

There is no doubt that Jin has a profound characteristic in his personality, and that is that by radiating such tenderness, his fans can verify that he is the idol loveliest of bangtan.