17 thousand pesos for some Nike tennis shoes with heels. Would you pay them?

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  • The study “Apparel 50 2022” gives an account of the leading brands in the apparel Y Nike is in the lead.

  • watch tennis Nike with heel is part of the unexpected interventions that have been made with the brand and in its footwear.

  • Paying 17,000 pesos for high-heeled tennis shoes is part of the current sales goal of the luxury footwear segment.

A pair of sneakers Nike just over 17 thousand pesos to carry high heel shoes are an interesting bet in apparel and the challenge is to understand the opportunities that a characteristic product, such as tennis shoes of this brand, have to sell, thanks to the creativity of what is presented to the market.

These interventions stand out especially in well-known brands, which in the case of Nike has given it a value of 33 thousand 176 million dollars, according to the studyApparel 50 2022”.

By submitting this document, P.Smithexpert in research of the clothing and merchandise industry in Statistarecognizes that “this statistic shows the value of the ten leading clothing brands worldwide in 2022. In that year, Nike was the highest-ranked clothing brand in the world with a brand value of approximately US$33.18 billion.”

Nike sneakers with heels

The fashion market has been characterized in recent times by the intervention in high-cost products and special launches, which show how important consumption has become today based on design and visual elements that stand out.

This proposal represents a very broad challenge in the market and is to understand how Nike tennis shoes turned into heels cost up to 17,000 pesos. The strategy we are talking about is footwear launched by Ancuta Sarca, who intervened tennis shoes Nike to turn it into heels and than into web pages like Farfetch sold as “60mm high shoes Ancuta Sarca x Nike”.

The made-in-Italy product stands out for having the characteristic logo in the shape of a dove Nikelace-up closure, tongue reminiscent of sports shoes from Nike and heel kitty.

This product stands out because in the last fashion week in Paris, the model Sabina Jakubowicz surprised to appear on the catwalk of Alexandre Vauthier with said footwear, taking the intervened pair of tennis shoes to social conversation.

As in this case, there have been various benchmarks in the fashion industry, of brands that have been intervened, to later market them, only that in some cases, these changes have been so controversial that the brands themselves have prohibited the use of their products. .

We saw a case of this type when the singer lil nas x boosted the sale of some sneakers Nike intervened to turn them into a satanic model, since in addition to a design related to said theme, they had a liquid mixed with human blood on their soles.

The footwear that became known as satan’s slippers, modified some Nike Air Max 97in which design elements such as an inverted cross, a pentagram and the words: “Luke 10:18.”

When they went on sale, the sneakers had a price of 19 thousand Mexican pesos, only that Nike it soon reacted with a lawsuit, arguing that the collective committed trademark infringement.

“It is likely that MSCHF and its unauthorized Satan slippers will cause confusion and create a misassociation between the products of MSCHF Y Nike.

In fact, there is already evidence of significant confusion and dilution in the marketplace, including calls to boycott Nike in response to the release of MSCHFwhich are based on the mistaken belief that Nike has authorized or approved this product”, argued then the leading brand in apparel.

The marks of apparel Jumping into luxury segments is because its products undergo creative strategies, where elements such as design and the ability of these products to take advantage of consumer interest in special editions stand out, which stand out for being exceptional.

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