15 jobs with the most vacancies in 2023 in Mexico, according to LinkedIn

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According to data from the LinkedIn platform, these 15 jobs will be booming in Mexico during 2023highlighting those related to technology and trade.

As every year, the company dedicated to the link between workers and employers uses the data obtained during 2022 to determine which areas and which profiles will be the most searched during this year.

What jobs will be booming in 2023?

1. SRE Engineer

The Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) is dedicated to monitoring and solution of incidents in the systems of a company, ensuring its operation. This option considers the teleworking in 62.7% of the offers.

2. Sales Development Representative

Contact, analyze and qualify potential clients to guide them through the sales channelwith 45.7% teleworking and boom in Guadalajara, CDMX and Zapopan.

3. Responsible for Growth

In charge of the head of growth, he has the customer acquisition and retention, as well as the growth in terms of sales, in order to maintain the sustainable growth of the company. Teleworking option only in 26.6% of the offers.

4. Data Engineer

Considered among the careers “of the future”, the data engineer is in charge of the data storage and processing obtained from the operations of a company. With the option of teleworking, 43.7%.

5. Business Development Representative

Similar to the head of growth, but with the difference that it will only focus on the new customer acquisition, as well as in the generation of new relationships that will later be exploited by other areas of the company. Despite this, they only have a 37.7% option to telework.

6. Relationship with Clients or CSM

Also customer focused, but the CSM will not be looking for new customers or relationships, rather caters to existing in what they need. You only have a 34.2% option to telework.

7. JavaScript Developer

Again on the technology side, the JavaScript developer will be in charge of the creation of web pages, mobile applications and software based on this programming language. The percentage of offers with teleworking is 96.7%.

According to LinkedIn, technologies and commerce will continue to strengthen. Photo: Freepik

8. User Experience Researcher

Through research and analysis, leads customers to the options that best suit their needs among the company’s product portfolio. Their option to telework is 39.8%.

9. Sales Specialist

Contrary to the business development representative, this specialist will only focus on the improvement in company sales, through market analysis and strategy optimization. Only 16.3% of the offers contemplate teleworking.

10. Operations Associate

Dedicated to the general operation of the company, this type of assistants perform administration, human resources and logistics functions. Due to the nature of their position, only 7.4% of the vacancies have telecommuting.

11. Cloud Engineer

It takes care of the data management in external services via internet (cloud), from the conception of the network, in coordination with other Information Technology professionals, or, where appropriate, the contracting and management of the external service that will be used to store information. In this case, their percentage of teleworking is 61.8%.

12. Python Developer

Similar to JavaScript, python developer builds systems and platforms based on this language, focused on data science and machine learning. Its percentage of teleworking is 81.9%.

13. Cybersecurity Engineer

Booming for some time, these positions seek systems security reinforcement of the company, in order to avoid attacks and safeguard information, access and identity at all times. You only have a 23.6% option to telework.

14. Director of Alliances

Similar to the Business Development representative, the Director of Alliances will seek new relationshipsfocusing on those alliances with other companies that lead to achieving the goals of both.

15. Logistics Expert

With the rise of electronic commerce, so is logistics, noting that especially this position is responsible for the transportation, storage and delivery of the company’s products, through fleets and itineraries. According to LinkedIn, there is no teleworking option for this.

So if you have experience in any of these areas, it is best that you go building or updating your resume for you to apply in any vacancy that suits you

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